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Codliya is the entire PHP development company that enables e-commerce businesses to improve performance. Our organization considers it best for providing development solutions across the different nations. If you are searching for authorized and reliable PHP development, choosing our Codliya agency is one of the best options.

PHP development is used to develop the functions and features of a particular website and web application. We are here to offer you both web pages and web application services and the use of advanced technology of PHP framework.

Codliya is a global digital consulting agency; thus, highly skillful and trained developers who provide custom multi-functional web solutions for 100 % customer satisfaction. If you are the one who also looks for the PHP development service, then you come to the right place

What our aims to

Our expert teams of developers are aimed to implement secure and potent web development services. Our highly skilled PHP developers produce the desired result. With having several experiences in the PHP development field, the expert team provides various solutions such as B2B & B2C web apps, delivering powerful web portals, CMSs, and other web solutions. Our main aims are to:-

  • Increase performance

  • Diminishes the cost of development

  • Simple troubleshooting

  • Capability to run on OS

Technologies We Work Upon

Core PHP

Cake PHP




Code Igniter



PHP Website Development

Nowadays, PHP development is commonly adopted by the e-commerce business. There are millions of website on the internet which is becoming popular due to the use of server-side language.

The PHP makes it easy to add features and functions to web pages without requiring to call outside files for data. PHP is the widely used option for top-notch website development for the growth of business and its high performance. Php programming includes:-

  • Resilient

  • Pragmatic

  • Agile

However, many profitable companies became famous by using our PHP development services. Developed companies such as Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Tumblr, Mailchimp, Etsy, and slack have used PHP to gain fame. So what are you thinking about? Choose our agency for your fully valuable e-commerce platform.

Advantages of PHP web development

Will you require to expand your e-commerce business in the digital world? So if yes, then you would need a featured and functional global website. If you use the process with regular updates, then it will unlock new opportunities for your business. Here we are going to introduce some of the advantages of our PHP website development service.


The primary reason that PHP has become so famous is that it is very easy to get begun with. Moreover, PHP web development is cost-effective; thus, the central fact is that PHP unlocks many possibilities and opportunities for experts to code and discover without any drawback.

Time effective

The other exclusive benefit of using our expert web development service is that you can focus on your customers and raise sales with the help of digital service and PHP process.

The PHP development comes with features that help to save lots of time. You will feel confident while availing of the services for your online business, digital service requirements, web designing, and so on.

Better user experience

The quality of the product matters the most when it comes to business. Codliya offers the best website development service and end to end-user experience to their clients. If you need a website design service and PHP development to increase the status of your brand for IOS and android, then codliya is the well-known platform that will surely complete your requirement.

Services we offer

  • PHP web app development

  • CMS development

  • Custom CRM solution

  • PHP cloud solution

  • YII development

  • Migration and Integration services

  • PHP e-commerce solution

Why choose us?

Codliya technologies are the number one PHP development service in India. We offer the development of myriad web and amp app solutions and provide complete customer satisfaction. Our trained and skillful developers are capable of delivering genuine service worldwide.

Immediate customer support

Whether you need to hire technical and non-technical queries, our developer team is available 24 hours to resolve any kind of problem.

Rapid development using MVC

If you avail of the PHP development service from Codliya, then our experts are best known for designing the website by using a model view controller (MVC). Our service develops a high-performance website on the demand of customers.

Assured satisfaction

We believe in maintaining the trust of our customers and understands the value of their precious time. Thus, trust is the most expensive than money. In addition, all of our previous and existing customers are fully satisfied with our services.

Why PHP over other platforms?

  • PHP is the independent platform and open source

  • This supports a huge number of database

  • Fully efficient, secure platform, and safe platform

  • Simple to find PHP developers; hence there are many experienced PHP developers.

  • Quick, simple, and smooth while performing the testing of PHP.

  • The PHP development supports all the primary web servers such as Apache and Microsoft IIS.